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Komodo National Park

Komodo is a World Heritage site best known for its most ancient inhabitant - the infamous Komodo Dragon. The world's largest lizard, a unique species found only on these islands, the dragon can grow to 3 metres long and weigh over 150 kg. Young dragons move fast (they can outrun a dog) and are voracious carrion eaters.

The Komodo National Park and surrounding area also With over 260 species of reef building coral, 70 species of sponge, marine worms, mollusks, echinoderms, crustaceans, over 1000 species of cartilaginous and bony fish, marine reptiles, and marine mammals. Some notable marine species include pygmy seahorses, anglerfish, nudibranchs, manta rays, dolphins, whales, dugongs, Napolean wrasse and groupers. With deep seas to both the north and south of the Komodo archipelago, upwellings bring and distribute the nutrients basic to the underwater food chain, feeding polyps and small carnivores, right up to our favourite characters, the whaleshark, mantas, dogtooth tuna and large barracudas.

On land, in addition to its most famous inhabitant - the Komodo Dragon - the Komodo National Park hosts a rare diversity of animals including Sunda deer, wild buffalo, wild boar, the macaque monkey and wild horse. For bird watchers, there have been over 150 bird species identified including the sulphur-crested cockatoos, imperial pigeons, white-breasted sea eagles and maleos.

Pulau Paloe
North of Flores, this volcanic island is surrounded by deep waters and offers interesting diving in deep walls with caves and overhangs where large groupers, lobsters and moray eels live. All around, bat fish, white and black tip sharks and big tuna swim in the open waters. Large formations of black coral, gorgonias and barrel sponges decorate the seascapes during the dives in this exceptional island

Bay of Maumere
It is extremely interesting to dive in waters that once were considered exceptional, the headquarters of the most reputed World Championship of Underwater Photography, until in 1992 an earthquake followed by a tsunami wave hit with anger all the area. Ten years later the walls that surround these islands have managed to recover practically in their totality from that natural disaster and they actually offer good dives in mild currents, with a healthy population of gorgonias and sponges, with big groupers lurking in crevices, antias and butterfly fish. In the blue big tuna and carangids patrol the depths seeking for their prey.

There is now a huge choice of liveaboard dive boats to choose offering dive cruises in Komodo and Sailing further east along the north coast of Flores to Alor. Boats range from simple and rustic to the height of luxury. Amongst these are a fleet of traditional-style “pinisi” (pronounced finisi) sailing schooners hailing from the great Bugis boat builders of Southern Sulawesi, some of which are furnished to almost opulent levels of comfort.

Komodo cruises typically range from five or six days to two weeks in duration, but shorter or longer cruises can be found. Boats depart from differening locations - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa or Labuan Bajo on the east end of Flores Island, plus there are some cruises which combine diving in Komodo with locations further afield, including the Spice Islands, Alor and Raja Ampat in West Papua.

We list some of our favourite operators here, but if you can’t find a schedule to fit your needs, please ask as this is not an exhaustive list.

Details of the cruises can be found in the links at the top, while descriptions of the vessels are found via links on the right hand side.

Many boats are available for charter if you ask long enough in advance of the sailing season.

Please check the Deals4Divers blog to see if there are any current great deals going for liveaboards in Raja Ampat. You can also follow Deals4Divers on Twitter or Facebook. - See more at:

Please check the Deals4Divers blog to see if there are any current great deals going for liveaboards in Raja Ampat. You can also follow Deals4Divers on Twitter or Facebook. - See more at:

Please check the Deals4Divers blog to see if there are any current great deals going for liveaboards in the Komodo National Marine Park. You can also follow Deals4Divers on Twitter or Facebook.


Diving in the Komodo National Park is only one of the amazing experiences to be had in this part of Indonesia. Ask us what else to do during your Indonesia visit before or after the cruise

Departure Schedule

Apr 30, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
May 7, 20174Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
May 7, 201713Arenui£5372Alor ~ KomodoEnquire
May 10, 20177Mermaid£1739MMII: Flores~Komodo~BaliEnquire
May 13, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
May 20, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
May 22, 20178Arenui£3306Komodo: Open for CharterEnquire
May 27, 20177Moana£1668KomodoEnquire
Jun 1, 20178Arenui£3306Komodo: Open for CharterEnquire
Jun 2, 20179Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jun 5, 20174Moana£1020KomodoEnquire
Jun 10, 20177Mermaid£1739MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jun 11, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Jun 17, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Jun 18, 20174Moana£1020KomodoEnquire
Jun 24, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Jun 25, 20176Ondina£1186KomodoEnquire
Jun 28, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Jun 30, 201710Siren£3319Enquire
Jul 1, 20175Ondina£988Komodo: (11 nights back to back option = EUR2,600)Enquire
Jul 1, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Jul 2, 20179Mermaid£2292MMIEnquire
Jul 4, 20178Arenui£3306KomodoEnquire
Jul 5, 20178Moana£1668KomodoEnquire
Jul 9, 20176Ondina£1186KomodoEnquire
Jul 11, 20177Siren£2174Enquire
Jul 15, 20175Ondina£988Komodo: (11 nights back to back option = EUR2,600)Enquire
Jul 15, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Jul 15, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Jul 19, 201710Siren£3319Enquire
Jul 22, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Jul 22, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Jul 23, 20176Ondina£1186KomodoEnquire
Jul 27, 201711Arenui£4546KomodoEnquire
Jul 29, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Jul 29, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Jul 30, 201710Siren£3319Enquire
Aug 5, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Aug 5, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Aug 6, 20176Ondina£1186KomodoEnquire
Aug 9, 201711Arenui£4616KomodoEnquire
Aug 12, 20175Ondina£988Komodo: (11 nights back to back option = EUR2,600)Enquire
Aug 12, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Aug 12, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Aug 19, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Aug 20, 20176Ondina£1186KomodoEnquire
Aug 21, 20179Mermaid£2292MMI: 2 budget berths onlyEnquire
Aug 22, 201711Arenui£4546Komodo: Open for CharterEnquire
Aug 26, 20175Ondina£988Komodo: (11 nights back to back option = EUR2,600)Enquire
Aug 26, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Aug 26, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Aug 31, 20179Mermaid£2292MMIEnquire
Sep 2, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Sep 2, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Sep 3, 20176Ondina£1186KomodoEnquire
Sep 4, 201711Arenui£4546Komodo: Open for CharterEnquire
Sep 9, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Sep 9, 20176Ondina£988Komodo: (12 nights back to back option = EUR2,850)Enquire
Sep 16, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Sep 18, 20178Ondina£1581Komo to Maumere BayEnquire
Sep 23, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Sep 23, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Sep 24, 201712Siren£4149Komodo ~ FloresEnquire
Sep 29, 20178Ondina£1581Maumere to AlorEnquire
Sep 30, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Sep 30, 201710Arenui£4959Komodo ~ Flores: Open for CharterEnquire
Sep 30, 201711Mermaid£3635MMI: Biodiversity Special "Ring of Fire": Flores, Alor, Banda Sea, Ambon - 1 deluxe space and Master Cabin availableEnquire
Oct 7, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Oct 7, 201714Siren£4734Flores ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Oct 10, 201710Ondina£2174Alor ~ Saumlaki (south Maluku)Enquire
Oct 12, 201711Mermaid£3635MMI: Biodiversity Special "Ring of Fire": Ambon, Banda Sea, Alor, Flores - 1 deluxe space and Master Cabin availableEnquire
Oct 14, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Oct 21, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Oct 28, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Oct 28, 20177Mermaid£1739MMIIEnquire
Oct 28, 201712Arenui£4959Saumlaki ~ Flores: Open for CharterEnquire
Nov 4, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Nov 11, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Nov 18, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Nov 25, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Dec 2, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Dec 9, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Dec 16, 20175Moana£1241KomodoEnquire
Dec 23, 201711Moana£2442Komodo & WakatobiEnquire
May 8, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
May 12, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Flores~Komodo~BaliEnquire
May 19, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
May 26, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jun 2, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jun 9, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jun 11, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jun 16, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jun 21, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jul 1, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jul 7, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jul 11, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jul 14, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jul 21, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jul 21, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jul 22, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Jul 28, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Aug 1, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Aug 4, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Aug 11, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Aug 12, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Aug 18, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Aug 22, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Aug 25, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Sep 1, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Sep 2, 20189Mermaid£2292MMI: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Sep 8, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Sep 15, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Sep 22, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Sep 29, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Oct 6, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Oct 13, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Oct 14, 201811Mermaid£3240MMI: Biodiversity Special "Ring of FIre" - Ambon, Banda Sea, Alor, FloresEnquire
Oct 20, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Oct 27, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Nov 3, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Nov 10, 20187Mermaid£1581MMII: Bali~Komodo~BaliEnquire
Nov 15, 201815Mermaid£3635MMI: Biodiversity Special - Flores, Alor, Banda Sea, Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 26, 201815Mermaid£3477MMII: Biodiversity Special - Flores, Alor, Banda Sea, Raja AmpatEnquire
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