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Philippines Liveaboard Diving

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Liveaboard diving in the Visayas
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The Visayas, located in the middle of the Philippines, sports a plethora of excellent dive spots while also enjoying a microclimate that allows for diving year round. Joining a liveaboard dive cruise is one the best possible ways to explore such a scattering of sites which would otherwise require island hoping between numerous islands.

Cebu Island is the long, narrow island located right in the middle of the Visayas, and is home to the Philippines' second largest city, Cebu City, equipped with its own  international airport. To the west of Cebu, across a narrow strait that is a migration route for whalesharks and home to pods of dolphins, lies Negros Island. To the east lie Leyte and Bohol, each of which offer an array of renowned dive sites.

Some famous dive spots include Siquijor, Cabilao, Balicasag, Apo Island, Moalboal and, off the northern tip of Cebu itself, Malapascua island, one of the few places in the world with its own resident Thresher sharks.

Since liveaboards are relatively new to this part of the Philippines, new dive locations are being discovered every year, making each dive cruise an exploratory event.

Departure Schedule

Oct 24, 201910Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Oct 26, 20196Seadoors£1701Special Visayas SharksEnquire
Nov 2, 20196Seadoors£1638MalapascuaEnquire
Nov 4, 201910Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Nov 9, 20199Seadoors£2196Visayas OdysseyEnquire
Nov 15, 201910Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Nov 26, 201910Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Dec 19, 201910Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Dec 30, 201910Siren£3198Malapascua & The Visayas Charter: FULLEnquire
Jan 10, 202010Siren£3198Malaspacua & The VisayasEnquire
Jan 21, 20207Siren£2399Southern VisayasEnquire
Jan 29, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The Visayas: FULLEnquire
Feb 9, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The Visayas: FULLEnquire
Jun 24, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The Visayas: FULLEnquire
Jul 5, 20207Siren£2399Southern VisayasEnquire
Jul 13, 20207Siren£2399Southern VisayasEnquire
Aug 13, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Aug 24, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Sep 4, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Sep 15, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Sep 29, 20207Siren£2399Southern VisayasEnquire
Oct 7, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Oct 18, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Oct 29, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Nov 9, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Nov 20, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Dec 6, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Dec 18, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The VisayasEnquire
Dec 29, 202010Siren£3198Malapascua & The Visayas: FullEnquire
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