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Mountain Biking Philippines
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    The Philippines is an overlooked treasure of Southeast Asia, but that's due to its remoteness, not for lack of natural gems that range from coral-fringed islands, palm lined white-sand beaches to hot springs and majestic volcanoes. Consisting of more than 7,000 islands between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, it would take you years to visit all that the Philippines has to offer, so our suggested tours focus on areas of unique interest and diversity... though there will always be scope for a second or third visit to discover more that this wonderful country has to offer.

    Named after Crown Prince Philip II of Spain, the Philippines is considered Asia's largest Catholic country. But even before the Spanish arrived the Filipinos were a mixture of foreign influences and continue to be a fusion of cultures that has led to the uniqueness of the Filipino identity. The Filipinos themselves are exuberant, fun loving and easygoing people and the fact that most speak English makes it easy to communicate.

    To avoid the jeepneys, tricycles and the pedicabs that haphazardly ply the roads of the Philippines we'll be staying off road and riding trails that are popular with locals.

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