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Symbiosis Custom Travel offers a complete holiday & expedition planning service for people looking for something beyond the normal package tour — particularly those concerned about the impact of tourism on the developing world's highly sensitive environments and cultures.

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Bangkok to Saigon Cycle Challenge
More of a challenge than a gentle holiday, the Bangkok to Saigon Cycle Challenge is an exceptional 18 day, 1,200km mountain bike journey through three of South East Asia's most exotic countries, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam.


Thai Village Life and Traditional Medicine
Thailand's cultural and social roots are firmly set in the countryside, in fact, when Mahatma Gandhi said of his home country "... the real India is in the villages". He could just as easily have been referring to Thailand, a country whose political and cultural birth was in the "million rice fields" of the ancient Lanna Thai Kingdom.

Papua New Guinea

Exploring the Sepik River
The Sepik River is one of two vast tropical river systems in Papua New Guinea that meander through the densely forested lowlands of the world's second largest - and the world's tallest - island. Along the banks of the river and its many tributaries live sparsely scattered, remote villages scarcely contacted by the outside world, where people live a lifestyle that has changed little for thousands of years.


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