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Borneo Family Adventure
Overview | 3 Weeks Sarawak & Sabah

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    Borneo, the world's third largest island, is a land of immense tropical jungles, wildlife, and fascinating tribal peoples with enduring, ancient customs. It is a nature playground and an ideal place to take children of all ages for a learning adventure.

    Discover the historic, British colonial-era town of Kuching (Kucing), once the seat of Asia's only White Rajah and capital of Malaysia's Sarawak State, before heading upriver for an encounter with the Iban tribe.

    The Iban traditionally live in a longhouse - like a block of flats laid on its side and measured by the number of doors that lead off from the communal gallery. Each door represents a family home, while the gallery is the whole village's playground and work place where children play, men repair their fishing nets, and ceremonies are held.

    After spending some days sharing the life of the Iban at one of their longhouses, expelling the forests and farmlands that surround them, and going fishing on the rivers to learn traditional net fishing techniques, return to Kuching and fly to Malaysia's other Borneo state of Sabah, renowned for its rich wildlife. Visit an orang-utan rehabilitation project to meet the charismatic wild man of the forest, be serenaded by proboscis monkeys and they crash through the branches above your head, and listen for the whooping noise of hornbills in flight.  You can also climb high into the rainforest canopy to experience life at the top of the trees. Many species that live here never touch the ground. Peeling back you eyes and ears, find extraordinary insects and colourful amphibians as they camouflage themselves against the dense foliage.

    Throughout you tome in Sabah there will chances to see all kinds of exotic and colourful birds, so don't forget to pack binoculars… and, perhaps, a book on how to recognise the birds. It can be great fun ticking off the different species as you spot them.

    Finally, head for the sea to one of Sabah's stunning white sand beaches, fringed by one the world's richest marine environments. Snorkel over kaleidoscopic coral reefs and see the abundant fish life - a living aquarium where everyone present is free!

    Borneo is a great natural classroom for children and adults together!

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