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A giant leap back in time, Papua New Guinea is an anthropologist's playground. Comprising the western half of the world's second largest Island, New Guinea, PNG lays claim to over 800 distinct languages in its population of under 5 million, and some of the most extraordinary and unique flora and fauna too.s This is the land of the Bird of Paradise, the Cassowari and an array of marsupials. Some of the tribes people are equally as colourful as the Birds of Paradise with resplendent headdresses, body paint and elaborate strings of shells around their necks. Trekking in Papua New Guinea is for the hardy and the dedicated. The jungles are the fiercest, the mountains the most rugged and the rewards exceptional. The islands feature Melanesian people who rely upon the sea for their sustenance, still practicing traditional fishing methods that do not damage the reefs. The corals are exquisite and the marine life abundant - a divers paradise. However this is a primitive land and infrastructure very limited, so an adventure is definitely DIY - do not expect to find organised adventures on tap here. The options are there: kayaking, trekking, surfing, diving, fishing, but you need to plan ahead.

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Kavieng is located just a couple of degrees south of the equator, and during the northern hemisphere monsoon, the north coast and the string of island leading to the west, enjoy uninterrupted North Pacific Ocean swells, ideal for surfing. The peak surf season extends from November through late April.
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Papua New Guinea boasts excellent fishing, and is one of the last unspoilt fishing frontiers left in the world today. The waters that surround Kavieng, New Ireland, offer plenty of challenges and opportunities for the keen sports fisherman. Many ocean fish species can be found here year round because the climate doesn't change much, so any time is the right time for fishing.
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The Kenu and Kundu Canoe Festival is a spectacular event that showcases many of the fascinating cultures of Milne Bay including other participating provinces in Papua New Guinea. It takes place in the charming town of Alotau on the eastern tip of the Papua New Guinea mainland.
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