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Thailand needs little introduction. Adventure opportunities are plentiful and there are many people out there pursuing all sorts of different sporting and adventure activities that you can join in with. Unlike its neighbouring countries (apart from Malaysia) many roads are now surfaced allowing for excellent cycle touring as well as mountain biking for those who prefer a smooth ride. Mountain bikes, of course, make for more versatility and there are many excellent trail routes to explore. White water rafting is possible when the rivers are high in the north and Um Pang, superb sea kayaking in the South around the towering karst limestone islets of Phang Nga Bay and also off the Andaman Sea coast around Koh Tarutao. Watching wildlife from a kayak on the lake in Khao Sok National Park is a definite must do, sleeping in simple bamboo rafthouses at night. The cliffs of Krabi are a draw to people who enjoy rock climbing and abseiling. Northern Thailand is famous for tribal trekking - visiting the many hilltribe settlements of the Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Lisu, Mien & Akha, and in the past has caused considerable disruption... so care should be taken to ensure that the communities that you visit are willing and inclusive participants rather than just show pieces for tourists. Thailand's south coast offers some wonderful sailing and, of course, the scuba diving in the Similans National Marine Park, Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are world class.

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The peaceful and tolerant nature of the Thai people is legendary in South East Asia where they are regarded as humble, hospitable and easy going. Combined with 13th century history, fantastic scenery and great, but not too difficult cycling, in areas where few tourists go, you have all the ingredients of a truly great discovery bike ride.
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This tour takes in three of South East Asia's most diverse and fascinating countries. Commencing in Saigon we head into Vietnam's rice bowl and the Mekong Delta. This fascinating area is flat and lush and is quite unlike anywhere else in Vietnam and with it mix of Khmer and Vietnamese people make this a diverse and interesting region to explore.
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From the mountains of North Thailand to the temple-filled plains of Central Thailand, the Chiang Mai to Bangkok by Bike ride winds the through the mountains and through the central highlands, home to ancient Khmer temples.
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More of a challenge than a gentle holiday, the Bangkok to Saigon Cycle Challenge is an exceptional 18 day, 1,200km mountain bike journey through three of South East Asia's most exotic countries, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam.
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Discover Cambodia by bicycle in this cross-country exploration of Southeast Asia's last great unexplored kingdom.
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Mountain bikes are the perfect way to discover the wild spirit of untamed North Thailand, a region of jungle filled valleys, mountain-top temples, meandering rivers, and cultural encounters.
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Kanchanaburi is Thailand's third largest province lying 130-kilometres west and a comfortable 2-hour drive from Bangkok. The Province is rich in rainforest, lakes, rivers and wildlife, as well as ethnic minority people, and makes for some scenic as well as challenging biking.
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Experience the hills of northwestern Thailand through eyes opened by the unsurpassed knowledge of our local expert, Chan. Explore the flora and fauna along the route and visit tribal communities that live deep in this mountainous region close to the Burma border.
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Koh Yao Noi (Little Long Island) and Koh Yao Yai (Big Long Island) are two sleepy islands still enjoying a slow pace of life located in Phang Nga Bay, only 1 hour's boat ride away from the international resort island of Phuket.
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Trek on foot and by elephant through the mountains and forests to meet some of Thailand's fascinating and colorful ethnic minority hilltribe people. Stay at unique homestay guesthouses, built in traditional styles, and help to preserve a valuable but threatened way of life.
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Experience the diversity of amazing Thailand from the northern hills, with its rich forests and colourful hilltribe people, to the glorious beaches and coral gardens of the south.
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This group of 500+ islands lying some 280 miles to the north west of Phuket cover an area of approximately 3000 square miles and are ripe for discovery, and you can be among the first to dive here.
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This wonderful newly developed cross country mountain biking route will give you a very nice feel of countryside living in southern Thailand and you will have a lot of genuine Thai cuisine... spiced to your desires.
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