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West Papua

New Guinea, the second largest island of the world, is divided into two parts. While the eastern part of the island is the independent state of Papua New Guinea, the western part still belongs to the multi-ethnic state Indonesia. In 2001 the Indonesian Government introduced some regional representation for the Papuan people and changed the name of this part of the country from Irian Jaya to Papua Barat (West Papua).

At the time of writing this report there were only land based diving possibilities in Biak and on the Raja Ampat Islands in the north-western part of this huge island. From time to time there are also liveaboards cruising the area.

Cendrawasih Bay

Biak is built on the rocky soil of an island of the same name on the rim of Cendrawasih Bay. It serves as a a ...

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Fak Fak

The West Papua nationalism struggle started in the 1930s at the Dutch Protestant Missionary Teachers College in Mei Wondama, Manokwari, West Papua. Rev. Izaak Samuel ...

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Manokwari is a small coastal town on the northeast tip of New Guinea's Bird's Head Peninsula. The town runs along the shore of Dore Bay, ...

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Raja Ampat

Many consider Raja Ampat ('Four Kings') in Indonesia's West Papua Province (see map) to be the new Holy Grail of diving. ...

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