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Bali & Lesser Sundas | From £1413 per person*
Komodo is a World Heritage site best known for its most ancient inhabitant, the infamous Komodo Dragon, however it also boasts one of the world's richest marine environments. Being a National Park, no accommodation is available on the islands so the best way to visit is on a dive cruise.
Moluccas | Price Upon Request*
The Spice Islands, famous for their cloves, nutmeg and stories about Buginese pirates, offers diving encounters of extraordinary diversity. One of the best ways to explore these hidden gems is via a liveaboard dive cruise.
West Papua | Price Upon Request*
Within the world's Coral Triangle are the islands of Raja Ampat (translates to Four Kings). Located northwest of Indonesia's West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) on the Bird's Head Seascape, these 1500 scattered islands and quays are acclaimed to be the center of marine biodiversity*. Putiraja Liveaboard's most popular scuba trips run through two different courses in Raja Ampat.
West Papua | Price Upon Request*
'Amanikan', the 32-metre Phinisi coastal cruiser custom-built for Aman resorts, is ideal for private cruises for one or two couples or a family, combining the romance of spice trade sailing vessels with modern amenities and all the comforts befitting Aman.
West Papua | From £2490 per person*
The Raja Ampat island group in Indonesia's West Papua province is known for its incredible biodiversity but yet still remains unspoiled by tourism. By joining a liveaboard dive cruise, you can visit this beautiful island group and experience genuinely pristine environments both below and above the water.
Sulawesi | Price Upon Request*
Amongst of the newest frontiers for adventurous divers in Indonesia are the many islands of the Laut Maluku - the Maluku Sea - that lies between Sulawesi's northern peninsular and the now famous dive sites of Raja Ampat on West Papua's Birdshead Peninsular.
Sulawesi | Price Upon Request*
Combine all of North Sulawesi's best diving in a dive cruise that takes you to the already famous dive sites of Bunaken Marine Park and Lembeh Strait - muck divers' paradise - and then add the lesser visited Bangka Islands and the much more remote Sangihe Archipelago, complete with underwater volcanic vents.