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Indonesia Diving

Indonesia is arguably the greatest diving destination in the world. The great diving comes thanks to Indonesia's geography. Indonesia straddles the equator, and Indonesia is flanked by two major oceans. So it comes as little surprise that Indonesia boasts the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet -- from great whites to critters -- which define Indonesia's incredible diving experiences.

With more than 14,000 islands spread across a distance equivalent to that of Athens to Delhi, only a few of Indonesia's diving treasures have yet been discovered. Indonesia offers divers endless opportunity for exploration.

Of the diving centres already recognised, Manado in Northern Sulawesi, Tukang Besi in South Sulawesi, Bali & Lombok, the Komodo National Park, and northeastern Borneo are the most famous Indonesian diving spots. But the waters of Indonesia offer much more.

Lesser known diving spots include the islands of Alor, north of East Timor, Biak, the 'Spice Islands' (currently only really accessible by liveaboard due to religious conflict in and around the access point of Ambon) and the islands off the western tip of West Papua, formerly known as Irian Jaya. Recent dive finds here suggest one of the richest marine environments ever known ... still completely unspoiled.