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With such beautiful natural environments, finding the ideal place to stay -- one that suits your style, aspirations and budget -- is often key to the perfect holiday. Symbiosis specialises in finding those special places, whether an exclusive, tropical beach resort, a simple hut surrounded by rainforest, or simply the most charming and friendly option when visiting the big city.

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Tung Nang Dam Village
“Treasure in the soil, wealth in the water” is a traditional Thai saying particularly relevant to the people of Tung Nang Dam village. Many families earn a living from collecting fish, shrimp, crabs and shell fish using traditional subsistence methods.


Amansara Resort
The name Amansara derives from the twinning of the word aman (Sanskrit for peace) and apsara (the heavenly nymphs of ancient Hindu texts who emerged from the primordial churning of the oceans with the power to change their form at will and to bestow luck

Solomon Islands

Fatboys is a charming, laid-back, beach resort situated 100 metres out atop the crystal clear waters of Mbabanga Island, an 8 minute boat ride from Gizo, the provincial capital of the Western Solomon Islands.


Black Marlin Dive Resort
Located on Kadidiri in the heart of the hidden paradise that is the Togian Islands, this resort offers the ideal setting for the best of tropical diving. It's excellent value for money too.

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